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Book Review #26 : The Quest for Inner Sunshine by Raghunath Vagle

Author : Raghunath Vagle

Genre : Fiction / motivational fiction

Ratings : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

The story revolves around Karan Singhania son of millionaire Rahul Singhania and grandson of Yash Singhania, who has built a huge automobile industry with great struggles.

Karan Singhania is all set to become the heir of Singhania's after his graduation. He is against the compassionate behavior of his father towards his employees but he doesn't object to it as he respects his father very much. Soon he learns about a test that his father underwent before he took over the Singhania industry. Out of curiosity and to prove himself worthy of the position of the heir, he asks his father to put him under similar test.

Although Rahul Singhania felt it wasn't necessary for him to undergo a test because of his technical ability and educational qualification, he gave into his son's request and agreed to give him the test and set forth the rules that he needs to follow.

Karan Singhania according to the test has to lead a secluded life for a month with different jobs each week and not using his father's name, fame and money in any manner and not trying to contact his family or friends during this period.

The story focuses on Rahul's journey as he leads a secluded life away from his loved ones and the difficulties he faced along with the lessons he learnt during this process and the his journey of attaining inner peace.

The story is very inspiring and motivating. It shows how compassion and virtue are the greatest abilities more than money and fame. Readers get to learn a lot of life lessons from this book. It shows how focusing on our mental and spiritual well-being is more important.

The rules, challenges that Karan face and the lessons that he learns from it are very interesting to read. The crux of the story is to make you understand the real meaning and purpose of your life and how money is not the only thing important when it comes to business but also compassion, human relations, trust, hardwork, kindness and knowledge of how not to behave.

The language used in the book gets you looking for a dictionary a few times. For a debut author this is a commendable job and he has a great command over vocabulary and the plot. I really liked how he portrayed each character. And he gives us a hint at the end of the story about his upcoming novel where Karan would go on a spiritual journey in search of the question " Who am I ? "

Can't wait to read his next book. This is a must read novel for all the youngsters and budding entrepreneurs. Go grab your copy now.

About Author :
Raghunath Vagle, largely interested in knowing the deeper meanings of life is mostly inspired by the question ‘Who Am I?’ Interestingly, that was the question asked to him in an essay writing competition during his college days. Raghunath is a cricket enthusiast and enjoys reading different subjects like philosophy, technology, medical science, stock markets and linguistics. When he is not searching for answers to life’s difficult questions, he indulges himself in his love for technology in different phases of life. In a moment of perspicacity, Raghunath realized the true essence of life and the importance of life lessons to be learned by everyone who wants fulfilment in life.
The idea of this book came when he started thinking about understanding the problems faced by a common man and how important it is for everybody to dig deeper into the life of the underprivileged. Especially the ruling class, who are unaware of the happenings at the grass-root levels. Every emotion triggered in a common man must be understood by the rich to achieve the much-needed balance in society. The astute understanding of life is the main purpose of the book.
Raghunath is a post-graduate in Information Systems, Education, English Literature, and Philosophy. He is also pursuing a diploma in creative writing in English and post-graduation in Political Science. He is currently working as a PGT in a government-run residential school. He hails from Desaipet village of Kamareddy District in Telangana, India.

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