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Book Review #27 : Secret Admirer by Deepesh Junwal

Author : Deepesh Junwal Genre : Fiction, Thriller Ratings : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/5 Ankit Biswas, an introvert by nature, joins Hansraj College a renowned college in Delhi. On the first day of college he falls hopelessly in love with a girl named Bhoomi Tripati. Lacking courage to directly talk to her, he secretly starts stalking her. His day starts and ends by seeing her. Later he found out she was a fan of an online game Indian Folklore so he too joins the game and befriend her. They keep chatting online for many months while playing the online game. Bhoomi was too shy and introvert and never spoke to any boy in the college. She finds a friend in her roommate Kanishka until one day their relationship turns bitter. Kanishka betrays her in a most demeaning way. Bhoomi gets brutally raped and is in a life and death situation in a hospital and Ankit is suspected of this heinous crime and is under radar of the Delhi Police. Who did this heinous crime? Is Ankit really the culprit? Will Bhoomi get Justice?

A very heartbreaking story based on real life incidents. Most of the times the people we know and familiar with are the ones who betrays us most. Everyday so many girls face such a devastating situation all over the world and it's very heart wrenching to even imagine the pain that they go through. This story takes you on an emotional rollercoaster with lots of thrill and mystery. The way author has used past mythological situations to the present scenario is absolutely mind blowing. I really liked the way he describes the culprits as per Mahabharat and the punishments that the culprit get in this story was very satisfying to read. And the climax made me more emotional. It shows how an introvert too can become a Satan to avenge his loved ones. The title Secret Admirer - Satan exists in every introvert intrigued me which is he reason I decide to read this book. I at first thought this would bring romantic story but it took me by surprise as I read it. The author portrays all the emotions very beautifully. The narration is very simple and Lucid. The reader can actually feel the pain of the girl while reading the book. It Just hope this kind of situation never happens to any girl. I really liked the story and I would recommend it to everyone.

About Author : Deepesh Junwal is a banking professional with a passion for storytelling. Born and brought up in Ujjain, he is an engineering graduate. He has written various short stories and published a fiction novel ‘Strings were always attached’ during his college days. He didn’t let his passion for storytelling die in his 9 to 5 job and finished ‘Secret Admirer’ during the weekends. That's all for today guys. If you like the post please like, comment and share. Don't forget to subscribe to my blog for more such reviews. I will be back with another interesting book soon. Until then Keep Reading. Goodbye.

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