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Book Review #30 : Ocean of Mind by Manisha Gaikwad

Author : Manisha Gaikwad

Genre : Self-help

Ratings : ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

Author Manisha having suffered depression herself gives out few practical tips and guidance to overcome depression. The book explains how human mind affects one's body physically and mentally.

This book talks about human mind, psychology and a lot more topics like, depression, mindfulness, stress and finally how positive thinking is the key to success.

With various quotes and examples the author explains how stress and depression affects mental health. The difference between sadness and depression, consciousness and sub-consciousness and how the human brain works everything is explained in an in-depth manner.

It explains why we behave in a particular way to a situation, what is causing us to be stressed or depressed how to approach it in a practical way. It explains how Mind is the central point of our thinking and how Mind is an ocean ,with different and various thoughts. It explains how we can control our mind for our betterment.

The author has done an extensive research on the topic of human brain and psychology and it actually reflected on her work.

This book is a simple and very short self help book of just 80 pages. You can finish it one go but you need to read slowly to understand few terms.

I felt editing could've been better as there are few spelling and grammatical errors in the kindle edition. Otherwise it was a good read.

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