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Book Review #31 : Rise My Queen, Yes You by Mamta Chandani

Author : Mamta Chandani

Genre : Biography

Ratings : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

Every woman has a queen inside her but are unaware of it until you have the courage to overcome the inhibitions that are stopping you from attaining your passion.

Mamta Chandani in her biography puts her heart out and shares her journey with the readers. She shares her feelings, her problems, her failures and successes and how she had overcome her fear and inhibitions that changed her life.

Mamta joined engineering as per her father's suggestion but she never had a liking for it. During her final year of engineering she meets Juggy, a mutual friend of Mamta and her friend from Diploma times Rajiv. Juggy was a commissioned officer in Army currently posted in Punjab. Later they fell in love and decide on get married with the blessings of their elders.

Mamta just don't want to be called as an Army man's wife and is determined to bring her life back and be herself again. Her determination led her to achieve heights of success which made her family proud.

In the last chapter she shares the lessons she has learnt through her journey of failures and success and gives suggestions to all the women to achieve their purpose in life.

Mamta through her biography encourages all the women to consider their life choices, to know your passion and the purpose of your life, to follow your heart and do what you really are passionate about.

It takes a great emotional strength to share our family matters, our failures with everyone. Mamta has done a tremendous job in this and I am glad I got to read this book. I really liked how she expressed her feelings when she overcame her inhibitions and fear and found her passion and become successful. You can learn a lot of things from her story and also know how to find the queen inside you.

Thank you Mamta for writing This amazing book. You truly encourage and motivate every women out there. This book is a must read for a the women who doesn't know how to bring out a queen residing in you.

I recommend this book to all the women. Go grab your copy now.

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