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Book Review #33 : It Repeats by A. H. Butt

Author : A H Butt

Genre : Young Adult

Ratings : ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

It repeats is a story of Andrea and Heath. Andrea is an introvert girl facing the bitter quarrel of her parents which leaves her worried all the time. At this point she meets her new neighbour Heath who is also on the same page as Andrea with his parents separation.

Eventually they both become best friends and lovers and Heath's mother and sister are accept Andrea with love. With her parents separation Andrea moves into Heath's house.

Later Heath got selected in an university and asks Andrea to shift with him which she wholeheartedly accepts. But the warning or advice that his mother gave her while leaving and is always on her mind.

While staying together away from their family their relationship starts to fall apart. One day something happened that changed their fate.

What actually happened?

How's their lives going to change after the incident?

The author very clearly shows the ill effects of adults fighting in their houses and deep effects it has on their children.

The storyline is built up very nicely and the such a beautiful writing style for a debut author is appreciable. The cover photo, the characters and the intriguing story line makes this a great read.

The language is simple and easy to read. The title is very unique and it reflects the story. Overall a very well crafted story. Although I expected a little interesting ending but it's the author's choice.

I really liked the story.

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