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Book Review #35 : GoldenEars by Jane H Wood

Author : Jane H Wood

Genre : Adventure / Fantasy

Ratings : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

The grey wolves Mira and her mate Joel are awaiting the birth of their new pups, males Tuke, Glyth and Kegg and female Skeena. Both Glyth and Kegg have different and unusual ears - which tilt and droop towards their eyes and has golden hairs. Joel was an alpha male who leads the wolf pack.

The wolf family goes through a lot if trouble including the life-threatening weather, illegal hunters and their own wolf pack who expel them when they refuse to allow both Kegg and Glyth to be killed because of their golden ears which they thought was the reason for the failure of spring return of their prey.

When their family is attacked by their own pack, Glyth is injured at his hop joint. Expelled by the pack, the homeless wolf family find themselves in a much dangerous situations and could only move slowly due to injured Glyth.

Edmund Rainer, a 15 year old boy, develops an extraordinary bonding with Kegg, a 6 month old wolf whom he saved from drowning. He calls Kegg GoldenEars due to the unusual golden hairs on his ears. But he is unable to rescuciate the larger pup Glyth but he hid his body from predators before he and GoldenEars move to the wilderness cabin rented by his family.

The wolf family and the Rainers go through life-threatening weather , while Edmund is injured by stepping into the bear trap.

Will Edmund be able to escape unharmed?

What will happen to Glyth?

Will Glyth and GoldenEars reunite with their family?

There arises so many questions but you need to read the book to get the answers.

The fear and loathing towards wolves by humans is very well depicted in this story. Everyone irrespective of young or old can learn something from this story. It shows us how strong the bond between man and animal could be.

The narration of the story and the wolf characteristics are very neatly described. The writing is simple and easy to understand. If you love wolf stories then you will definitely love this book.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book from the beginning till end. I liked the character of Kegg very much and the bonding Edmund and Kegg share is adorable.

I definitely recommend this book for everyone.

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Disclaimer : I received a free copy of this novel in exchange for mg honest review. The above is my honest opinion of what I felt while reading the book and I'm leaving this review voluntarily.