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Book Review #36 : Ten Sheep to Sleep by Nidhi Kamra

Author : Nidhi Kamra

Genre : Children's picture book

Ratings : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

Sammy Jo is a toddler who has a habit of counting sheep in the air, until she drowses off. But this time something's not right. Sammy Jo's imaginery sheep have surrounded her bed and they are 20 in number. But she need only 10 to go to sleep.

The 10 pink striped sheep are accompanied by another 10 polka dotted sheep and overcrowd her bedside. They introduce themselves as her neighbor Mary's sheep who has abandoned them. They are very upset as they have no where to go. Sammy decides to help them but her brother and parents don't need them as they count different things to go to sleep.

The sheep are creating havoc in her room jumping on her bed, tearing her books. She need to find a solution fast. Then an idea struck her. Sammy very cleverly asks the sheep to stand in pairs so that she can count them by two's and that would make 10 pairs of sheep which is the exact number Sammy need to go to sleep. Very clever indeed.

Another masterpiece by the author Nidhi Kamra. Nidhi's books are very educative at the same time entertaining to kids. The pictures are very beautifully shown and described. The Artwork by Eugene Ruble is amazing.

It shows the ability of a child in observing her surroundings, likes and dislikes of her family members and her creativity in solving her imaginative problems with her own decision making ability.

It guides children to think on their own rather than depending on others for solutions. It shows how important is the problem solving skills during a child's development. Very imaginative and informative book I would say.

I recommend this book to all parents, teachers and of course children.

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Disclaimer : I received a free book in exchange for an honest review. So the above is my honest opinion of what I felt while reading this book. Thanks author Nidhi Kamra for this wonderful book.



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