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Book Review #39 : Big Wishes for Little Feat by Cheryl Olsten

Author : Cheryl Olsten

Genre : Children's picture book

Ratings : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

This is a story of a horse named Lafitte De Muze, who never stopped believing in himself.

Lafitte was born on a house farm called Bonneville in Belgium. His only wish was to become a prized show horse and meet the person who can love him and teach him. He loved running through the farm.

But he was shorter compared to his friends, who grew taller with longer legs. He was sad as nobody bought him at the sale just because he was shorter.

It did not affect his confidence for he believed in himself and hence with great determination he started practicing running and jumping at whatever he saw in front him. And gradually he could jump so high that it looked like he was flying along with stars.

On the other side Ella was a beautiful little girl, apple to her parents eyes was sent to her great Aunt Anastasia's house as her parents couldn't afford her education. She always wished to have a horse whi could fly her to the stars.

She missed her parents and was very sad. One day Anastasia took her to the show horse sale at Bonneville so that she could find a horse for herself. Ella instantly got attracted to Lafitte. It became her best friend at a faraway land and she named him Little Feat - a horse of great courage, strength and skill.

This story shows how by believing in ourselves, no matter what others think, we can achieve anything that we want which gives us immense satisfaction. And also there is always someone who would love you and be your companion for your life.

No matter you are short, plump or has any disability just believe in yourself and keep trying because you are special and you can do wonders trusting yourself.

A great picture book for kids with a very motivational subject. I liked the way the author has narrated the story. The pictures are really beautiful and artistic. The cover pic itself is very eye-catching.

Overall it was a wonderful read. A perfect book fir kids.

I received ARC via NetGalley and I'm leaving this review voluntarily.

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