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  • Priya

Book Review #40 : Abstract Emotions by Aanchal Jhamb

Author : Aanchal Jhamb Genre : Poetry Ratings : ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5 "Abstract emotions" is a debut book by author Aanchal Jhamb which contains beautiful collection of poems in Hindi and English. The author in her poems expresses the abstract emotions that we feel in our daily lives. It's a reflection of various emotions that we as humans experience. The poems contains lot of emotions like happy, sad, love, success, failure, heartbreak, fear, women, dream, death, confidence, social barriers etc. Every person can relate to these poems in one or the other way. Few poems helps us to introspect on how we struggled and what we learnt from it and how we persist in our life. Some poems motivates us and helps us understand the importance of human relationships.

I really loved the way the author has explained the poems and the little illustrations in each page is just cherry on the cake. The language is simple and lucid and even a beginner at poetry can read and understand it. But it might be a demotivating for people who doesn't understand hindi as it contains both English and hindi. And it feels too lengthy as it doesn't have any sections or chapters and it flows from page to page. Overall it was a heart touching and fascinating read. I recommend it to all those who love reading poems. If you like the post please like, comment and share. Don't forget to subscribe to my blog for more such reviews. I will be back with another interesting book soon. Until then Keep Reading. Goodbye.