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  • Priya

Book Review #43 : Adventures of Poorna by Mayur Kalbag

Author : Mayur Kalbag

Genre : Mythology, Fiction

Ratings : ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

Rudra who is unconscious on the Himalayas upon waking up finds no one around him. After walking for a while he sees a monk named Guruvarya meditating in a cave, who gives him hints about his past life.

From there begins the spiritual journey of Rudra on finding answers to the question who am I? And he did find his answers when performing a ritual underwater, about his past life and his true identity as Poorna.

After realising his past life, his spiritual awakening and his rebirth he sets out on a adventurous journey to find his Guru, who was waiting for him to return. The story thus follows Poorna's adventures.

It was a very unique read for me. The book is very lengthy but the concept and imagination of the author is beyond appreciation. The title very aptly suits the storyline.

Although it's a lengthy book you never feel bored and the story line, the adventures of Poorna along the way and the plot will keep you intrigued till the end.

The story is a blend of mythology and fiction. The pace of the story is little slow but the narration of the author is very simple and keeps you interested to read till the end. I liked this book so much.