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Book Review #46 : Dear Friend, You're not alone by Ankit Singh

Author : Ankit Singh

Genre : Poetry

Ratings : ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

A beautiful piece of work by a 20 year old. This book is a collection of poems and letters and its the author's debut book. The poems are an emotional roller coaster and every reader can relate to these poems as it feels so real.

In a world where a person is being humiliated or bullied at every point of his life, he/she feels very lonely and have no one to share their feelings and sometimes it leads to depression or something even worse.

If you are heartbroken or bullied by someone or if you ever felt ignored by your loved ones the author through his poems in this book focus on each of the emotions and try to heal your pain and give you na emotional support.

This book has poem for every emotion, love, pain, heartbreak, ignorance, failure, mother-daughter relation, acceptance, rejection and much more.The book also has personal letters by the author which the readers could actually relate to.

The main theme of this book focuses on accepting your rejections, being confident and loving yourself, believing in yourself and moving ahead in your life.

The poems are short and simple and easy to understand. They are short yet effective and powerful. I liked the art work done by the author at each page. It's an amazing work for a debut author.

My only suggestion to the author is a little bit more work at editing and grammatical errors.

Other than that this book is truly beautiful. I loved it and I recommend it to all poetry lovers.

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