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Book Review #47 : Child of Paradise by Pratibha R. D. H

Author : Prathibha R. D. H

Genre : paranormal crime thriller

Ratings : ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

It is a paranormal crime fiction. Tia goes into depression after losing her mother and sister Rianna. Even at the presence of her big family and her friends who love her and always support her she feels very lonely.

She meets with an accident and after recovering she starts getting dreams of her mother and sister who always guide her into leading a happy life. Tia suspects her sister's death was not an accident and someone must have killed her. She starts investigating the case which was closed years ago

It is very interesting to see how she solves this mystery and whether or not she is able to solve it.

The author has done quite a lot of research for the book. The twists during the climax was just mind blowing. Last few pages were definitely the interesting part of the book. The pace of the story is really good throughout the book. The characters are very well developed and the narration and the language used in this book is very simple and lucid.

I enjoyed reading this book but the only drawback is that there are too many characters in the story which causes confusion at some points. Other than that it was a very good read.

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