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Book Review #48 : Sofia on the Balcony by Himanshu Goel

Author : Himanshu Goel

Genre : Fiction

Ratings : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

Another brilliant flash read by Himanshu Goel.This kindle ebook is just 26 pages which you can finish reading within 15 mins.

Rajiv Arora is a famous painter whose last painting was sold at 2 crore rupees in an auction.

But something is troubling him these days and he is unable to focus on painting. Shockingly it's been 2 years since his last painting was sold and he has not painted a single thing after that.

Frustrated by his inability to paint he has confined himself to four walls of a farm house near Delhi.

Nobody from his family or friends knows where he is. He tried with great effort to prepare his next masterpiece but all his efforts are in vain.

One day his teacher, Stanzin who taught him the core basics of painting came to visit him knowing he might need her help.

She took him along with her to Majuli, a river island in Assam to help him come out of his depressed mood and so he could create a masterpiece.

They stayed there for a week trying everything from scratch and improvising his painting skill. Even after a lot of effort and painting he is not able to complete any painting he starts.

And all his trouble has roots in Barcelona, Spain where he went to attend an art fair.

What is troubling him?

Why is a famous painter like him not able to complete a painting?

Will he ever be able to paint again?

It's very short story which keeps you interested and I finished it one go.

The writing skill of the author is brilliant. The narration was simple and it didn't drag too much.

I liked the way he described the characters and the place Majuli. The language used is simple and lucid.

Overall It was quick yet interesting read.

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