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Book review #5 : The Rudest book ever by Shwetabh Gangwar

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

🌺Author : Shwetabh Gangwar Genre : Self-help Ratings : ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

🌺 This book gives us a new perspective on how we see the world, how we think and teaches us the importance of "how to think" rather than "what to think"

🌺The Author as the title suggests is a little rude while explaining things but as you read them you can relate yourself to each and every lesson.

🌺Here in this post I will share the lessons that I have learnt from this book.

🌺So without further ado let's get started.

1. Parents are not experts and people are weird

We always think our parents have solutions to all our problems but the truth is they don't known everything and and don't have solution to every problem.

And Shwetabh says people are weird. Everyone is different and are concerned about there own lives. And everybody has their own way of thinking. You think if someone as complicated or an intelligent just by looking at them. Instead of judging and labelling people as good or bad, Shwetabh says it's better to call them weird and accept them as they are.

2. You are not special until you earn it

We all want to feel special right??

But what does being special mean??? If your parents or friends or colleagues say you are special, do u become special??Or if they say you are not special, you are not??

Does it matter if others think you are special or not??? No, people are not qualified enough to judge if a person is special or not.... Not even your parents.

Shwetabh says specialness is something you need to earn by your achievements, be it personal or trophies. And you are the only person qualified to say if you are special or not. He says to ask your "self" the question and you will get the answer.

3. Rejections are normal

Life is a journey and You experience rejections every now and then. Rejections are normal for anyone. It doesn't happen only to you.

Rejections create a sense of self doubt in you, for example you might think there is something wrong with you or you are not special and so on. Sometimes you might be motivated from rejections thinking you will prove it to them you are worthy or you will make them regret for not selecting you.

Getting motivated by rejections only to prove to someone else is also worthless.

So how do you deal with it?? Just think rejections are normal and it shouldn't bother you at all. You should decide your self-wofth not others. Because nobody knows your "self" better than you.

4. Data is everything

Whenever we see someone for the first time we happen to decide whether they are good or bad, they are better than us or not.

Judging someone just by the first impression when you don't know anything about them is not correct. First impressions can be delusional sometimes. Everyone now a days tries to present themselves as someone they are not.

The best idea would be to wait till you get some real life data about them and then decide.

Making assumptions without data will not give you accurate analysis and it makes you look like a fool when you know the data which is exact opposite of what you think.

5. You are a Nation

Just like a Nation has Constitution, you need to have a code or rules to live by. When you have rules you become the authority of your life. You need to have self control and self respect for your "self" to be in authority not letting others take over your life.

Think of your friends and family as neighbouring Nations and have a healthy relation with them. You can't control what neighbouring Nations do so does your family and friends.

You can't please or control everyone. What you can control is your ''self" . So just focus on what you do and what you "self" wants.

6. Don't follow, but admire

We all admire a lot of people, celebrities, sportsmen, freedom fighters but there is a limit to your admiration. It's good to admire people but don't just blindly follow them.

Take inspiration from them and incorporate those values into your life and try to improve. And try to learn something from everyone, don't just copy what they are doing. This applies to people who you follow online as well.

Nobody is perfect. Everybody has flaws but when online they have different image to maintain. They put out lot of advertisements, attractive photos which get your attention and you start following them blindly. This is stupid because you dont have any real data about them but only the eye catching photos and ads which forces you to follow them.

So think and gather more information before you follow someone. 7. Aim for Self-satisfaction

You ultimate aim in your life should not be to achieve what makes you happy but what gives you self satisfaction.

You do certain things thinking it makes you happy but instead you are doing it because the society wants it or friends or family wants you to do it and you don't even know that.

So ask yourself the question, can you live without what you are currently happy about?? If the answer is yes then that's not what you want, that's not what gives you self satisfaction. So ask yourself what is the thing that gives ultimate satisfaction in your life than just being happy to get it.

8. Learn how to think

From your childhood, from the day you started thinking you were taught 'what to think' not 'how to think'. Whenever you ask about something you were given information beforehand by either your parents, friends, tv, movies etc.... You never learnt to question or doubt anything because you were not taught to do so.

And then you have the Google which gives you the answers to almost any questions you might be having without having to research by yourself which lessens your thinking capabilities in a huge way.

So what you can do about it is try to solve your problems before searching for an answer online, forget what you are taught about that thing and start to think by yourself in a new way and try to find out the answers.

And people always are confused between knowledge and intelligence. Knowledge is what you know and what you think. But Intelligence is knowing how to use the knowledge or data.

And learning 'how to think' only comes with practice. So keep practicing.

🌺So that's all for today guys.

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