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  • Priya

Book Review #52 : Countess Jacqueline by Gail Meath

Author : Gail Meath

Genre : Historical romance

Ratings : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

Jacqueline is young, relentless and always ready to do anything for her people and country. She inherits countship of Holland at a very young age after her father's death.

Despite the assembly's suggestions and demands for her to get married before she rules, she proved it she is no less than a man by leading her army to victory in the first instant itself.

Renard Borselen, Lord of Metz is a friend of Duke Philip, who holds a grudge on Jacqueline. Renard was impressed with her attitude and her love for the country when they met for the first time. He tries to help and protect her from the plots of Philip.

But Jacqueline can't trust in him blindly as he is from the enemy group. She has to let go of her feelings and become strong for her people. What will Jacqueline do? How long can she take up this fight alone?

It was an absolute delight reading this book. The author's writing skill is brilliant and the characters are developed really well. And the cover is too beautiful. The author used true events to engage the readers till the end.

I loved Jacqueline's character so much. She is such a bold and courageous young lady who never let others tak control of her life. The twists and turns in the story when you least expect it makes the read more enjoyable.

I totally enjoyed reading this book and I recommend it to all historical fiction lovers who enjoys a romantic touch to it.

I would love to read more books from Gail Meath.

Disclaimer : I received free ARC in exchange for an honest review.