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Book Review #55 : Sunset by the River by Sameer Saxena

Author: Sameer Saxena

Genre: Romance

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

Ayaan is an assistant manager in a firm in Japan. He was living a happy and cheerful life when a sudden unexpected phone call during his meeting makes him reminisce the memories from his past. Who is on the other end of the call that caused a sudden change of behaviour in him?

Ayaan and Monisha colleagues and in no time become best friends. They go to Monisha's college to attend her farewell, turning the event into an advantage to promote their company's brand.

There he meets Tripti, a cute and shy natured girl, friend of Monisha and falls in love with her. They gradually become friends to the extent that she feels comfortable sharing her darkest secrets with him.

When he finally proposed to her, she rejected his proposal due to reasons known only to her. With a broken heart, Ayaan moves to Japan for his work. Now after 6 months, he got a message of Tripti being missing.

With so many memories still afresh, Ayaan travels to India to find her and get answers for all his questions.

Will he be able to find her?

What happened to Tripti?

What is the secret that she is hiding?

A beautiful romantic story of love and hope. I liked the way the author has narrated the story. It is simple yet captivating. The author has very well explained the difference between spirituality and superstition.

It feels sad to realise that even today, we don't often talk about mental health issues, instead chose to remain silent and make it a taboo or stigma in our society

The narration is very well-paced. The language used is simple and lucid. I liked the story and it is different from normal romance stories that we read.

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