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Book Review #56 : Gangs of Social Media by Vasimraja Bhavikatti

Author: Vasimraja Bhavikatti

Genre: Fiction

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

Social media has been the most important factor in everyone's lives these days that we cannot spend a single day without posting something on FB or tweeting and retweeting, forwarding WhatsApp messages and so on.

Most of the times what we post or tweet or forward are not completely true. We don't have time or patience to check if its truth or fake news. We only see parts of the post or news and start forwarding without thinking even for a second what damage it could do to a person involved.

'Gangs of social media' by Vasimraja Bhavikatti throws some light on this crucial and sensitive issue of spreading fake news. This book is like a reality check for every person who spends hours on social media.

It shows how a simple forward message can cause serious damage not only to one person but rather create a National Emergency. The book also talks about trolls of social media and people making a living out of spreading fake news like the cyber cell of political parties.

The story is narrated in a simple and lucid way and the characters seem so real like it could be any of us. I liked the author's effort in explaining the side effects and possible dangers of spreading fake news. There is so much to gain if you read it thoroughly.

I liked the story which surprisingly felt so real and I recommend it to everyone.

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