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Book Review #57 : The Art of Building Teams by Amarpreet Singh

Author: Amarpreet Singh

Genre: Self-help

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

This book is a self-help or rather self-improvement book for all entrepreneurs and people working in the corporate sectors and finding it difficult to cope up with their teams.

The author through more than two decades of his experience in the corporate world, he shares few strategies and guides the readers on how to become a better team leader, how to be a good team member, and how to achieve success through this process.

He divided the strategy into four stages

1. Forming

2. Storming

3. Norming

4. Performing

In the Forming stage, it's all about how to set up a Team, decide the purpose for the team and the organisation, bring your team members together. In this process, we have to think about why we do what we do, and the author explains the importance of choosing a suitable member.

Then the team moves to Storming phase, where you learn how to manage the newly built team, how to avoid or solve the conflicts that emerge between team members and how important it is to consider the suggestions and motivations of each member.

Next in the Norming phase, the author guides you on how crucial it is to build respect and trust among the team members, delegating the work, the difference between appreciation and acknowledgement and so on.

In the last phase, which the author calls performing, he teaches us how to produce unreasonable and unprecedented results and many other things like micromanagement, accepting the failures and so on.

It's a very informative and educative book which helps everyone to be a better team leader. The author has explained all the steps or stages in a neat and way manner which every person whether or not belongs to the corporate world can understand and learn from it.

This book is a must-read for all entrepreneurs and people trying to manage a team. I really like the book.

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