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Book Review #60 : Unforeseen by Chandan Sen Gupta

Author: Chandan Sen Gupta

Genre: Thriller

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

The book starts with a story behind a story which was very heart touching.

Yousuf, a Pakistani teacher and his wife Mariam come to India in hope of getting treatment for his 10-year-old daughter Ayesha, who is suffering from congenital liver disease and the Liver transplant is the only solution to save her.

The Pakistani couple is ready to spend their life savings to save their daughter and agree for the surgery. But things don't go as per their plan when Yousuf is accused of a murder of a receptionist of the hotel he was residing in.

In order to prove his innocence and to expose the people behind the murder, he runs away from Police. But staying away from their own country it makes his life difficult as he is being chased by police and the people he assumed to be involved in the murder.

Will he prove his innocence?

Who is behind the murder?

Will he save his daughter in time?

This book is a fictional story woven around some real-life incidents. It gives reference to the partition of India into two nations and highlights terrorism which is the root cause of all problems between India and Pakistan. The author in his book hopes to end terrorism wherever it exists.

The plight of a Pakistani couple in India is very emotional. The narration of the story is interesting and fast-paced. The characters are depicted really well. The language used is very simple and lucid.

The story was very intriguing till the end and I really liked it. I highly recommend it.

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