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Book Review #63 : Destined to be Together by Anushree Jain & Anubhav Wadhwa

Author: Anubhav Wadhwa & Anushree Jain

Genre: Romance Fiction

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

This story is a reflection of the love stories that we see nowadays.

The book starts with Anubhav narrating the story to Anushree. The story focuses on protagonists Aakash and Manvi. While Aakash is a studious, shy and introvert kind of guy, Manvi, on the other hand, is a cheerful, joyous and extrovert girl. As they say, opposites do attract each other.

They both met on Tinder for the first time but ignored each other. But Destiny had some other plans for them. They eventually met and fell in love with each other. Their love story was perfectly fine with her no stop talking and him listening to her until her best friend Mihir from school times made an appearance.

Manvi started ignoring Aakash and spends more time with Mihir and eventually, they broke up. But this is not the end of their love story. Destiny had plans to make them come face to face again.

Will Aakash trust Manvi again?

Will their reunite?

What does destiny have in store for them?

This story is something that we come across and listen to almost anytime these days. People have become so materialistic that true love exists only on books and poems. This story shows us how the definition of love has changed in modern days.

The narration of the story is good and I characters are portrayed really well. The language is simple and lucid. I liked the cover pic and the title is very apt for the story. Although I felt the editing could have better.

Overall it was a pleasant read. I recommend it to all those who love to read romantic fiction stories.

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