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Book Review #66 : Paradox by Arya Narrayan

Author: Arya Narrayan

Genre: Sci-Fi, thriller

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

A deadly A-virus has caused havoc on earth in 2020 and millions including children and elderly have succumbed to this virus. And the worst part is no one knows from where this virus has started.

In 2025, 5 years after the outbreak of this deadly virus a grey alien meets Veronica Miller, who is working with NASA in discovering a remedy for this virus and tells her it has a solution for this virus and it can cure the disease.

Who is this grey alien?

Can Veronica trust the grey alien?

Why has it come after 5 years of the outbreak?

Can the virus be controlled?

Paradox by Arya Narayanan is very well thought out, well-researched book. It has more resemblance to the current scenario where the world is suffering from Coronavirus.

It is as though watching a sci-fi movie with aliens, spaceships etc. It's a very interesting story but I thought at some point it gets a little confused. And the story is fast-paced and feels quite rushed.

If you like sci-fi, thriller, mystery books then this book is a very good read.

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