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Book Review #67 : #MyLifeline part 1 by Sevak ( Vishal Patel )

Author: Sevak ( Vishal Patel )

Genre: Motivational / Self-help

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

People especially youngsters these days are pushing themselves into depression to the extent of even committing suicide. And the main reason for this is the lack of motivation, anger and lack of courage to handle critical situations.

Are power and money more important than your happiness? Let's say you don't have money like the riches, you are not a powerful person who can order people around, you had a breakup with your girlfriend/boyfriend, is that the end our life.

This book aims to help you find real happiness through real-life incidents. It shows how to be positive in every situation, accept your failures, not to be demotivated and how to tackle any situation with a positive mindset.

This book gives you a story of Nishaan, a selfless person who always helps anyone in need and his journey from college to the corporate field and how he meets his love Shikha and their love story. It focuses on how Nishaan handles each and every situation with positivity and takes motivation from every failure.

The author has very nicely described the characters and the narration and pace of the story were very good. The language used is simple and lucid. And the ending forces you to pick the second book immediately. The author has done a great job in handling a sensitive topic like depression.

I liked the book and I will recommend it to all.

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