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Book Review #68 : My Lifeline part II by Sevak ( Vishal Patel)

Author: Vishal Patel ( Sevak)

Genre: Motivational, Self-help


This is the second part of the series My Lifeline by Sevak.

Nishaan and Shikha are a happy couple. He left no stone unturned in terms of his care towards Shikha. He was there for her when she was lonely. She became an important part of his life. But he started getting possessive about their relation and started feeling upset when she hides something. This led to a few quarrels between them.

Then there arises a problem with his professional life as well and to top it all his father suffers a massive heart attack and is in a critical situation for 72 hours.

Here in this book, we see how Nishaan even though facing the worst time of his life keeps himself strong and motivated and never for once loses his conscience and belief. We see how he handles such a crucial situation with a strong and positive mindset.

I liked the way the author has explained the situations. Although I felt it was overflowing with emotions at some point and felt it unnecessary. The character of Nishaan sounds too good to be true. The language used is simple and lucid and characters are given equal importance in the story.

Again with the cliff hanger at the end, we are kept in anticipation for the next book.

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