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Book Review #69 : My Lifeline part III by Sevak ( Vishal Patel)

Author: Vishal Patel ( Sevak)

Genre: Coming of age novel, Self-help


This is the last part of the series My Lifeline by Sevak.

In part 1 we have seen the selfless life of Nishaan from his college to the corporate world and the beginning of his love story. Continued in part 2, the possessiveness of Nishan, problems in his professional and personal life with his father suffering a massive heart attack and in crucial condition for 72 hours.

In part 3, the story continues from where it ended in part 2. In this book we see the love life of Nishaan falling apart, their bitter quarrels and his journey of attaining self-motivation. Nishaan decides to convince Shikha's parents for their marriage by writing a letter to them, but thru reject his proposal and Shikha breaks up with Nishaan.

Suffering a heartbreak has caused him to dive himself into depression. Here in this book, we see how he managed to bring himself out of depression and put his life on track. We see how he achieved self-motivation and became a motivational speaker and counsellor helping people in need.

I liked the concept used in this 3 part series through which the author tries to help us gain real happiness and develop positivity in everything that happens and shows how to attain self-motivation.

But I thought the letter was too much and unnecessarily dragged. And I felt editing could have been better. Apart from that, it was a good read.

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