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Book Review #70 : Be Magical You by Vaneeya Arora

Author: Vaneeya Arora

Genre: Motivation/ Self-help

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

The author has very beautifully penned down the difference between simply Doing something to actually Being You.

We always spend our time judging others, doubting ourselves and thinking someone else is better than us and we want someone else to give approval of our behaviour.

The author has explained very nicely how important it is to love ourselves first, forgetting everything that we were taught or rather imposed on us and try to think everything from a new mindset, how important is letting go of everything that's troubling us and accepting ourselves the way we are. She explains how we can create magic in our lives by Being present in the situation and bring more ease.

I liked the concept that the author us trying to convey in this book and she has done an exceptional job in that. The narration is good and the language used is simple and lucid. I liked the use of simple yet effective lines at the beginning of every chapter. And each chapter has some action plans at the end which I felt are very good The cover pic did not suit the story though.

Overall it was a good book.

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