• Priya

Book Review #71 : New York To New You by Manoj Gupta

Author: Manoj Gupta

Genre: Self-help / Motivation

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

New York to New You by Manoj Gupta is a brilliantly written, very well researched self-help book which helps you to find your inner self.

I found this book very helpful and I liked the way the author has explained ABCD in a brand new way. This book gives you the techniques to discover oneself and teaches you 'how to live' rather than 'how to make a living'. I liked the way the author has used a story to teach us the basics of living and finding ourselves and happiness.

I liked the concepts used in this book which are truly inspiring and interesting to read especially the 31/7 constituents of human engineering. Every person will find something they could relate to in this book. All the techniques used in this book can be helpful if used in a disciplined manner.

The narration of the story and the language used is so simple and motivating. The author has explained it so well that I couldn't keep this book down even for a minute. This book can be found helpful for everyone.

I liked this book so much and I recommend it to everyone.

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