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Book Review #78 : Holding on to Love by Ashish Sinha

Author: Ashish Sinha

Genre: Fiction

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

This story focuses on the life of protagonists Ashu and Disha. Ashu was a pampered kid of his family from his childhood. He endured a lot when he lost his loved ones in a short span of time. He suffered most when he lost his father who was like a pillar to him and his family. That's the time when he realised the true faces of his relatives and friends who turned their backs when he needed them the most.

He meets Disha, his colleague who becomes the love of his life and his hope to live happily ever after. Their love story turned into a happy marriage and they were very happy in their lives. Everything was just fine until Ashu was diagnosed with fatal liver disease and the only treatment was to get a liver transplant. This incident shook the entire family but Disha's love and support made it easy for them to cope up with it.

Will Ashu recover the surgery?

Will Ashu and Disha's love outlive the test of the time or is this the end of their relationship?

This story is very different from the usual lovey-dovey stories that we read these days. It shows how love, support and faith of our loved ones during our difficult times can give us remarkable courage to face any hardship.

The author has very well narrated the story and the use of colour interpretation in every chapter which was suited the story so much was really appreciable. And he also explains little details about the liver at the end of each chapter which is very good.

The storyline is handled really well and the language used is simple and lucid. This story takes you through an emotional rollercoaster ride and makes you connect with the characters.

I liked the story for its unique interpretation of colours and emotions and a different love story.

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