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Book Review #79 : Give me a Break by Ranjit Kulkarni

Author: Ranjit Kulkarni

Genre: Humourous Fiction

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

Swami is a good-natured person whose heart melts for any person in need. Fed up with the happenings in the society Swami decides to take a break with his two friends and plan a vacation to his uncle Sridhar's home in the countryside.

The story follows the fun-filled journey of Swami to the countryside where he encounters a sudden unexpected meet with his long lost friend Purna and his boss Raichand.

What are Purno and Raichand doing there?

Will Swami gets a break he ever needed?

'Give me a break' by Ranjit Kulkarni is a humorous fiction story which not only entertains you till the end but also gives you a moral lesson. The story tells you how and to what extent greed can spoil a person and how your ambitions can lead to the heights in your career.

I liked the character of Jigneshbhai, Swami's friend cum advisor and Deja, a spiritual dog. The story is filled with a lot of humour and Swami's confused character and Sridhar's non-stop talking is so much fun to read.

I liked the book so much and I recommend it to everyone.

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