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Book Review #84 : Pentacles by Sabarna Roy

Author: Sabarna Roy

Genre: poetry and prose

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

Pentacles by Sabarna Roy has one long story and four short poems.

The long story focuses on the emotional trauma that a child goes through when abandoned by his mother and how the feud between parents affects their children. The four short poems focus on life, achieving freedom, love, relationships, marriage, break up etc.

Mr Kingshuk Sen, a successful entrepreneur was abandoned by his mother at a very young age and settled with another man who she loves. He was brought up by his father alone but soon he lost his father too. But he never allowed his personal issues to become hurdles in his life and he turned himself into a successful businessman.

He meets Rohini a lawyer and a married woman with her own family disputes and they continue to have an affair. His mother always tried to patch up with him but he never cared to answer her calls but one day he did answer her call. What had changed suddenly? Will their relationship become better? Will they start their new life forgetting their past?

I loved the way the author tries to incorporate short stories with his poems. I have read a few more books from this author and all of it has poems. The language used is very simple yet effective that a reader can actually connect to the emotions that the author is trying to portray. I loved how the author has explained the essence of life, abandonment, companionship, love etc so beautifully within the story. But the only disappointment is how the story ended abruptly which keeps you looking for answers.

"People who succumb to trauma are celebrated and become heroes. In the process, people who create trauma are pardoned and forgotten for life." I loved this line which in a true sense depicts the entire story.

Overall it was a very good book and worth taking time to read.

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