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Book Review #85 : Unsolved case of an Indian Woman by Puneeth JH

Author: Puneeth JH

Genre: Fiction, thriller

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

Sneha, a young girl backstabbed by her own loved ones contains the urge to commit suicide and fight back her hurdles. Meenu, after her grandmother's demise, is shifted with her parents and now longing for her mothers love and care.

Ms.Tandel, the main protagonist of the story, a well-known lawyer is stressed because of the threatening letters she is receiving from an unknown person. Being pushed into emotional vulnerability from childhood she has always yearned for the right person who could love and care for her the way she is. People including her doctor turned lover thinks she is imagining things. But who should she believe? Where will this lead her? Is there actually someone who is

threatening her or is it just in her mind? Will she ever solve this mystery?

The story revolves around these three parallel characters and it's very interesting to see how these stories are interwoven. The story focuses on so many things like illegal migration, the psychological experiments which are found to be controversial and banned by the government, emotions, love, revenge etc.

I loved the way the author has narrated the story and has depicted the characters really well. The language used is very easy to understand with not much of psychological terms to bore the reader. It keeps you in anticipation about what will happen next.

It was a very good thriller book and I recommend it to everyone.

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