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Book Review #86: What's your Plan B? by Avinash Kulkarni

Author: Avinash Kulkarni

Genre: Self-help

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

This book is very apt for the current situation. We have seen many people are being laid off by the companies during the pandemic and the effects that have on people life.

When you lose a job which is the main source of your earning you tend to get stressed, which is very common and lose your mind and some people can take it to extremes.

But do we know why the companies lay off people? This happened even before the pandemic, so do we know the reason? What do you do if you lose your job? How to combat the stress that comes with this loss?

Well this book gives you the main reasons why people are fired from their jobs and gives very practical solutions to handle stress and anxiety. The author has used examples of some real-life people who lost their jobs but brought back their life on track and became successful.

It gives you some alternatives you can find when you lose your job and fee action plans as well. The author has penned down the details brilliantly and the language used is very simple that everybody can understand the concept.

Overall I would say its a very good book and no matter if you are working it not, everyone should read this book. I liked the book and I highly recommend it.

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