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  • Priya

Book review #9 : Someone Tell Me What Is Going On by Clive La Pensée

Author : Clive La Pensée

Genre : LGBT / Romance/ Mystery

Ratings : ⭐⭐⭐⭐ / 5

Thank you so much author Clive La Pensée for the review copy.

The Story talks about how a middle class girl goes into the world of rich people and how she copes up with it. It shows how the rich are always trying to keep up their dignity and try to hide their faults.

A 19 year old waitress Millicent takes up a summer job as a companion to Lady Vera Ashington, a wealthy business woman. She has no idea how this would change her life.

Vera is going through an emotional breakdown and she wants to give her life a last chance in finding happiness. After Millie joined her as a companion they become friends and work out together the problems that Vera is facing with her inability to use her wealth.

Millie keeps a first person diary and records her day to day activities in her point of view, Vera's point of view and her father's and sister's as well. They come up with different strategies together and address each other's faults.

Vera is an influential woman who can fix anything and everything but this always makes one or the other person suffer. Millie doesn't agree to this and tries to empower Vera of her behaviour. Everything is going well until the unexplained deaths of her best friend's parents, which tests her morality.

Story unfolds how this unexpected changes affect Millie's life, her and Vera's friendship and her family business.

What is the Motive behind Vera asking Millie to be her companion?

What are the reasons behind those unexpected deaths?

Will Millie support her newly found friend and companion when time and situation asks her to be moral ?

Will the friendship between Millie and Vera survive the tests of time?

Well u need to read this book to find out.

I enjoyed this book so much. The story involves mystery, comedy, suspense and murder. It also involves some adult stuff so I wouldn't recommend it to children below 18.

The narration of the story is simple and I really liked the idea of diary writing to record their faults and come up with solutions. Because I love keeping a journal to record my daily activities.

Overall i would recommend this book to everyone who loves mystery and suspense.

That's all for today guys.