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Book Review #91: After the Dark by Rohit Pagare

Author: Rohit Pagare

Genre: Fiction

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

Ria, a little girl not only lost her parents in an accident but also had become handicapped ant such a tender age. She now lives with her aunt Sheela, a successful businesswoman who loves Ria as her own blood and is ready to go to any extent to make her daughter normal like before.

Gopi a 3rd standard dropout kid is devastated by the turn of events in his life which led his sister Seema to be in captivity of Bhavani Shankar, the village moneylender.

The story revolves around Ria and Gopi's friendship and how he helps her in coping with the difficulties that come with her physical disabilities. On the other hand, it focuses on Seema and how through her survival instincts she manages to live under the captivity of Bhavani.

Will Ria become normal?

How can Gopi help Ria?

Will Gopi's family be able to save Seema?

What does destiny have in plan for Ria and Gopi?

It's a very beautiful and innocent story of two school going kids and how at such a budding age they face cruelties of the society and their zeal to overcome those hurdles. It shows the viciousness of the society where the poor are intentionally forced into a debt trap which continues for generations and the struggles and compromises that come with it.

There are so many characters in the story and each character is given equal importance and the plotline is narrated very beautifully. I couldn't keep the book aside even for a minute. The author has done a commendable job in showcasing the emotions and inner conflicts of each of the characters. A little child's fight with God to prove himself is something that's unique in the story. The pace of the story is decent and the language used is simple and lucid.

I truly loved this story and I recommend it to everyone.

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