• Priya

Book Review #93: Warming Boom by Saurabh Pant

Author: Saurabh Pant

Genre: Poetry

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

Most of the poetry books that we read these days are based on one central idea Love. But this book is different in every aspect from other books with the fact that the author has used the very integral part of today's world, The Earth and the way humans are deteriorating it for their selfish needs.

This book is a collection of poems which focuses mainly on the health of the planet and the problems that a man is creating which not only affects the natural vegetation but also human life.

There are poems about natural disasters, depletion of the ozone layer, animal slaughtering, exploitation of the planet, respect for the mother nature etc. All the poems are simple and unique in their own way. The poems have a lot of emotions into it and it creates a sense of social responsibility and accountability in every person.

These poems give a warning about our own actions which are done either for greed or for fun and the effects it could have on our lives. It throws light on the ways through which human beings are destroying mother nature. The poems are written in a simple language and most of it is like prose rather than poetry style.

I loved the book and I recommend everyone to give it a read at least once.

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