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Book Review #95: Strangers She Never Met by Indranil Roy

Author: Indranil Roy

Genre: Fiction, thriller

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

Afreen overcome with fear goes to a police station to file a report against an impending terrorist attack which changed her life forever. When she was accompanied back to her home by inspector Karan Singh they found nothing but ashes of her burning home. Loss of her family members has left a bitter mark in her life.

Afreen wanted to help the police and save the country but in turn became the target for the terrorists. In one of the terrorist attacks Karan has lost his wife Chaitali and now has become a guardian to Afreen and tries his best to protect her. He changes Afreen's identity so that no body will be able to locate her even if they wish to.

The story thus follows Afreen alias Pooja Shaw's sojourn in the world of strangers whom she has never met and unfortunately she herself has become a stranger to her. Will she be able to recuperate from her loss? Will Karan be able to save her? Will they ever catch the terrorists and stop the impending terrorist attack?

The story is very emotional and at the same time filled with so much thrill. The story feels like you are watching a movie in front of you. It shows how the police and the military work hand in hand to save the country from all the sides. The author has evidently done a lot of research and has narrated the story really well. The language used is simple enough to be understood by everyone.

I liked the story and I would recommend it to everyone.

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