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Guest post : Book review : The Shop on Main ( Kay Correll )

If you like small town romances, you’ll love The Shop on Main by Kay Correll, available free on Amazon Kindle. The first book in the Comfort Crossing series describes the rough road to love of shopkeeper Izzy and business tycoon Owen, beautifully wrapped in a happily ever after ending. There’s no wedding scene, but there is a healthy sustainable relationship built on mutual respect of each others’ stories, choices, and financial independence.

Things are finally going well for Izzy, a divorced mother of two rambunctious young boys. The family lives in a small apartment above her New Orleans-area antiques shop, which has only just gotten its head above water to the extent she can salt away some savings. In the next moment, the historic building she leases is sold, the new owner won’t rent to her, and neither her limited funds nor the tight local real estate market hold any relief in sight. What’s a girl to do?

Owen has high hopes for the future. Unlike Richard Gere’s character in Pretty Woman, he’s been righting his late father’s wrongs, acquiring struggling businesses and turning them around for the good of all. Upon discovering an unacknowledged half-brother, Owen responds by offering his new sibling and his abandoned mother her ancestral home, a professionally researched business plan to successfully restore their family’s restaurant on the two lower floors, and full financial backing. So, why isn’t everybody happy?

The resulting resolution of conflict will warm your heart. I recommend this book to any small town romance fan seeking a comforting regular escape from daily stress. Author Kay Correll clearly puts some thought into her storytelling, adding craftsmanship with the details revealed to and withheld from her adult characters, deftly turning the lens to share their points of view and factoring in the uncanny perspectives on adult relationships of children at different ages, and a sprinkling of business acumen and small town behaviors. It’s all woven into a lovely package that well rewards your attention. While you can’t gift free Kindle books as such, you can share the link, and you should with this one. Five stars.

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Disclosure: This ebook is free to the public on Amazon Kindle. I have no pre-existing acquaintance with this author and received no compensation, material or financial, for this romance review. The above romance review is strictly my honest opinion.

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