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How to manage work – life balance ?

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Hi lovelies,

Welcome back to my blog.

Have you ever felt so stressed after returning from work and felt like u can’t handle this anymore or it’s too much to handle and you want to quit everything.

We all do right??!!!!

It’s because we are not able to manage your work and personal life together. And it becomes a burden after few days or months time.

So how do we handle this? Or is this how people live their lives, with stress and cursing themselves???

No, we can handle it too well if we want to and in a much better way.

1. Decide your priorities.

Yes, you heard me right. We have so many things in our lives and most of the times we prioritize things that are not important right now and can be done at a later time. But that doesn’t mean it’s not important. It just that it can be done later and it doesn’t affect your daily goals. So it’s very important that you decide which job, thing or event requires your attention first and then do that work and then move on to the next important thing.

Here I am sharing few tips to handle your work-life balance that have helped me personally in my life.

2. Leave work at work.

We all have this tendency to show out frustrations from work on family and friends. It will not only increase your stress levels but also affect your relationships. So I suggest you leave your office tensions at office and be a different person -who you really are -after your work time. This will help in building your relationship with your family and friends.

3. Get some ME time.

      It’s possible that sometimes it feels overwhelming to handle work and family pressure that you feel exhausted and think you are failing at both.       It’s very important to control your emotions at such times otherwise you will only make it worse.       So it is always better to have some ME time for yourself and do what you want and what you feel like.

4. Practice meditation.

Yoga and meditation has always been the best solution for handling stress related issues. So give at least 20 minutes from your daily life to meditation and trust me you will feel the wonders it does to your body and mind in just few days.

5. Read books.

Books have always been my best friend or companion in my life. We can actually forget all our tensions by getting into habit of reading books. Develop a habit of reading for at least an hour everyday and you will never regret this decision you made.

6. Spend quality time with family and friends.

Keeping aside a few moments of your daily life for your loved ones helps forget all your work tensions and helps you stay happy always and improve your relationships.

7. Go on a vacation.

It’s always good to go on a vacation when you think it’s overwhelming or when you feel like quitting. It will cheer you up in a way u never imagined and gives you new hopes and confidence to face the challenges of your life.

So these are few tips that I followed in my life whenever I felt low and wanted to quit and trust me it helped me manage my work and personal relationships in a much better way.

Hope this helps you guys too.

Share your thoughts in the Comment section and let me know any other ways you handles your stressful life.

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Have a good day.

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